The IHYCrossPlatformActions interface represents actions that can be used in a cross platform environment. This interface is used by the unmanaged hosts to retrieve and execute actions in the managed plugins.

There is no need to implement this interface manually, since it is already implemented by both visual and non-visual plugins.

Use Case

You will not use this interfaces directly, instead, you can use the Action property of the NonVisualPlugin or VisualPlugin to define actions.




Gets string that holds XML definitions of the actions.

property ActionDefintions: WideString read

Required Methods

GetActionImages  safecall

Returns a handle of the image list that stores action images.

function GetActionImages: THandle

InvokeAction  safecall

Executes an action with a provided name.

procedure InvokeAction(const aActionName: WideString)


  • aActionName: Name of the action to be executed