The THYBaseToolbarController base class provides methods for dealing with toolbar objects. The Hydra framework uses controller classes to establish a connection with a specific toolbar object.

You will not have to use this class directly, instead, you can use one of its descendants to specify the toolbar component that will be used by the Hydra framework for toolbar merging.

Note: You can read about menu and toolbar usage in the Hydra framework in this article. Please also look at the Actions sample shipped with Hydra to see menu and toolbar merging in action.


Instance Methods

constructor Create  override

Creates a new instance of the class.

constructor Create(aOwner: TComponent)


  • aOwner: Reference to the owner object.

Add  protected

function Add(const aName: string): IHYVCLToolbar


  • aName:

AddReference  protected    (declared in THYUpdateableController)

procedure AddReference(const anItem: IHYVCLObjectReference)


  • anItem:

BeginUpdate  protected virtual    (declared in THYUpdateableController)

Calls BeginUpdate prior to call(s) to AddReference. Each BeginUpdate must have an associated EndUpdate.

Items added by AddReference can subsequently be removed by a single call to DeleteUpdates.

procedure BeginUpdate(const aGUID: TGUID)


  • aGUID: Unique identifier of the session.

DeleteUpdates  protected virtual    (declared in THYUpdateableController)

DeleteUpdates removes all items added to the host's menu and toolbars via AddReference calls.

procedure DeleteUpdates(const aGUID: TGUID)


  • aGUID: Unique identifier of the session.

DoGetCount  protected virtual abstract

Gets number of the toolbars from the underlying control.

function DoGetCount: Integer

DoGetItems  protected virtual abstract

function DoGetItems(Index: Integer): IHYVCLToolbar


  • Index:

DoInsert  protected virtual abstract

function DoInsert(const Name: string; anIndex: Integer): IHYVCLToolbar


  • Name:
  • anIndex:

EndUpdate  protected virtual    (declared in THYUpdateableController)

Calls EndUpdate following call(s) to AddReference preceded by BeginUpdate.

procedure EndUpdate(const aGUID: TGUID)


  • aGUID: Unique identifier of the session.

GetCount  protected

Gets number of the toolbars.

function GetCount: Integer

GetIsUpdating  protected    (declared in THYUpdateableController)

Returns the value which indicates whether controller is being updated.

function GetIsUpdating: Boolean

GetItems  protected

function GetItems(Index: Integer): IHYVCLToolbar


  • Index:

GetSupportsMultipleBars  protected dynamic

Specifies if the controller supports multiple toolbars. The default value is true.

function GetSupportsMultipleBars: Boolean

GetUpdateCount  protected    (declared in THYUpdateableController)

Returns the number of processed updates.

function GetUpdateCount(const aGUID: TGUID): Integer


  • aGUID: Unique identifier of the session.

Insert  protected

function Insert(const aName: string; anIndex: Integer): IHYVCLToolbar


  • aName:
  • anIndex:




  • Hydra support for Menus and Toolbars (Delphi)
  • IHYToolbar