Hydra Docs

Hydra is an application framework that allows developers to create modular applications that can mix managed (.NET) and unmanaged ("native" Delphi) code in the same project, creating a seamless user experience while combining the best technologies available from either platform.

  • Getting Started collects all the information you need to start out using Hydra — a run through the Project Templates and Wizards, a review of the project(s) created by them, as well as a collection of useful HowTos for common tasks for a new application.

  • Host Applications and Plugins form the basis of what makes up Hydra.

  • Samples gives you a complete overview of all the sample applications that ship with Hydra, how to run them and what kind of information and detail to expect from each sample.

  • API Reference describes all the classes, functions and other APIs in Hydra, both for .NET and Delphi.

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