THYAutoUpdateService_Proxy is a proxy class for the IHYAutoUpdateService interface. This class provides methods for receiving update information from the Hydra Auto Update server.

There is no need to use this class directly. Instead, you can use the THYAutoUpdateClient to interact with the auto update server.

Note: Take a look at the AutoUpdate sample shipped with Hydra to see auto update in action. Also note that this sample requires Remoting SDK.


Instance Methods

GetFileData  protected

Reads data from a file with given parameters.

function GetFileData(const UpdateInfo: THYFileUpdateInfo; const Offset: Integer; const Count: Integer; out Data: Binary): Integer


  • UpdateInfo: Reference to the update info that stores information about file.
  • Offset: Defines starting position.
  • Count: Number of bytes to read.
  • Data: Output data.

GetUpdatesInfo  protected

Scans for a server files and compares them to a client files. Returns an array of items that needs to be updated.

function GetUpdatesInfo(const UpdateID: ROAnsiString; const ClientFiles: THYFileUpdateInfoArray): THYFileUpdateInfoArray


  • UpdateID: User-defined identificator of update.
  • ClientFiles: Array that holds description of a client files.

VerifyUpdateStatus  protected

This method can be called to check the update status based on a user-defined identifiers.

function VerifyUpdateStatus(const LastUpdateID: ROAnsiString; out CurrentUpdateID: ROAnsiString; out UserData: ROAnsiString): THYUpdateStatus


  • LastUpdateID: User-defined identifier of update on a client side.
  • CurrentUpdateID: User-defined identifier of current update on a server side.
  • UserData: Custom data.