Project Templates (.NET)

Hydra comes with a set of project templates that help to develop a plugin or host application projects. These templates are available for C#, Visual Basic and Elements-family languages (i.e. Oxygene, Hydrogene and Silver).

Host Application

Host application template creates a simple WinForms application with defined Hydra ModuleManager, required Hydra references and updated licenses.licx file.

Plugin modules can be loaded using the method LoadModule of the Module Manager. More information on .NET Hydra host applications can be found in the corresponding article

Plugin Module

Plugin template creates a class library project with all required references added and an already defined Module Controller. Freshly created Plugin project doesn't contain any actual Hydra plugin definitions or implementations.

Concrete plugin implementations can be added to the project using the "Add New Item" command in Visual Studio.

As their names says, there are item templates for