Interface Notes
IHYCrossPlatformAction The IHYCrossPlatformAction interface describes an action item that can be passed between platforms. This interface is used internally by the Hydra core to transfer actions, you don't need to use this interface directly, instead you can use IHYPlugin interfaces to get access to a list of actions.
IHYCrossPlatformActionList The IHYCrossPlatformActionList interface defines an action list that can be used in a cross platfrom environment. This interface is used by the Hydra core to pass actions between host and plugins. There is no need to use this interface directly instead you can use PluginActions property of the IHYPlugin interface or ActionList to work with the list of actions.
IHYCrossPlatformActions The IHYCrossPlatformActions interface represents actions that can be used in a cross platform environment. This interface is used by the unmanaged hosts to retrieve and execute actions in the managed plugins.
IHYCrossPlatformInterface The IHYCrossPlatformInterface is a base interface for cross platform interfaces.
IHYCrossPlatformModule The IHYCrossPlatformModule interface defines the cross platform module. This interface is used by the managed hosts to interact with unmanamged plugins.
IHYCrossPlatformModuleController The IHYCrossPlatformModuleController interface defines a cross-platform module controller that is used to centralize plugin registration in the Hydra framework.
IHYCrossPlatformNonVisualPlugin The IHYCrossPlatformNonVisualPlugin interface represents cross-platform non-visual plugins. In the Hydra framework, this interface is implemented by both managed and umnaged non-visual plugins to enable cross-platform interaction.
IHYCrossPlatformPlugin The IHYCrossPlatformPlugin is a base cross-platform plugin interface. This interface is an ancestor of all plugin interfaces that support cross-platform interaction. The Hydra framework uses the IHYCrossPlatformPlugin interface to define and manage plugins in a cross-platform environment.
IHYCrossPlatformPluginDescriptor IHYCrossPlatformPluginDescriptor is an interface that defines a cross platform descriptor. This interface is used by the managed hosts to retrieve information from the unmanaged plugins.
IHYCrossPlatformPluginDescriptorEx The IHYCrossPlatformPluginDescriptorEx inteface extends IHYCrossPlatformPluginDescriptor interfaces to provide additional data about a plugin. Usualy you won't use this interface since it is already used by a Hydra core, instead you can...
IHYCrossPlatformSilverlightHost The IHYCrossPlatfromSilverlightHost interface is used to identify host that is able to communicate with the Silverlight plugins. You will use this interface in your .NET host applications to react on the plugin calls. For more information...
IHYCrossPlatformStringList The IHYCrossPlatformStringList interface represents a list of strings that can be used in a cross platform environment.
IHYCrossPlatformVisualPlugin The IHYCrossPlatformVisualPlugin interface represents a cross platform visual plugin. In the Hydra framework, this interface is used internally to define and provide implementations for visual plugins that can be used in cross platform applications...
IHYCrossPlatformVisualPluginEx The IHYCrossPlatformVisualPluginEx interface extends IHYCrossPlatformVisualPlugin interface. This interface is used internally to provide ability to a managed host to notify unmanaged plugin when shortcuts keys is pressed.
IHYCrossPlatformWrapper The IHYCrossPlatformWrapper interface is used to provide methods for a wrapper for managed plugins that use WPF. In the Hydra framework, this interface is implemented by the VisualPluginWrapper class to provide base implementation...


Attribute Notes
Delphi This attribute is used internally byte the Hydra cross platform interfaces, it allows to link delphi unit that contains cross platfrom definition to a user custom interfaces.
NeedsManagedWrapper The NeedsManagedWrapperAttribute attribute class defines whether a special wrapper class needs to be provided to be able to use custom interfaces. Special wrapper classes are needed when using custom interfaces inside WPF plugins, because...