The GetAutomationObjectFlag enum is used to define a request type of the Silverlight plugins.

Use Case

You will use this enum as a part of creating host application for a Silverlight plugins, this enum will be set by a Hydra core in the IHYCrossPlatformSilverlightHost GetAutomationObject method, the Flags parameter will be set accoring to AutomationFactory.CreateObject or AutomationFactory.GetObject calls:

public void GetAutomationObject(string ProgId, GetAutomationObjectFlag Flags, ref object Dispatch)
  if (ProgId == "MyHost")
    if (Flags == GetAutomationObjectFlag.Create)
      this.MyHost = new MyHost();

    Dispatch = MyHost;


Value Description
Create Plugin requested an automation object via AutomationFactory.CreateObject
Get Plugin requested an automation object via AutomationFactory.GetObject